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1st April 2018 – Spring Indoor Cricket Cup

6 schools put out 72 kids in 9 teams for 7 hours of non-stop cricket on Sunday. From 10 to 16 years old, all competed bravely and skillfully for the final competition of the indoor season. All teams played at least two matches and the winners were School 34, with Christina Noble Cricket Team picking up Silver and School 87 in third place.

Congratulations to all and more statistics will follow!

The schools’ programme started in September 2017 and we held the first ever indoor cricket competition in December. So much progress has been made since then, and ENORMOUS credit must go to last years’ Australian Volunteer, Rob Moran and to Davaa, Cricket Mongolia’s only coach and to #australianvolunteersinternational!

The kids really love it, are getting healthy and making new friends and so a brand new community is being formed. #CricketMongolia currently teaches cricket in 10 schools and children’s foundations and has been asked to teach in 20 more.

We want to be ready to expand in September and to that we need sponsors so that we can hire two or three more coaches and train them up over the summer. If your company is interested, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

Also, now that the weather is warming up, the outdoor season will start, and all are welcome to join us! We have adult and junior sessions and matches so come and learn, meet new people and if you know about cricket, help coach.

#CricketMongolia thanks Dhan, Sam, Tamir, Adam, Chris, Degi and Tulga for umpiring, scoring, photographing, finding buuz and to #AustraliainMongolia and the Australian DAP programme for supporting this venture – including providing us with 50 sets of cricket whites for the kids, who looked extremely smart and wore them with much pride!


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