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In 2023 thanks to our sponsors and the ICC we were able to bounce back from the effects of COVID and get cricket underway again. The highlight was to send a Women's XI and a Men's XI to the Asian Games, and for them to experience international T20i cricket for the first time, and Mongolian men and women scored their first runs and took their first wickets and catches in the international game.

This would not have been possible without the amazing support of The Australian Embassy to Mongolia and the AVID programme and Rio Tinto Mongolia and many other very important contributions.

The Schools' Programme continues with great support from local authorities and school principals as well as Oyu Tolgoi whose outreach programmes we have been supporting since 2022 in Ulaanbaatar.
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In 2021 we thank our sponsors for their contributions, both past and present which have enabled us to join the ICC and attain associate status this year. This is a massive achievement for all of us and soon we shall see Mongolian men and women competing against other nations in cricket. Membership of the ICC is also incredibly important for the support and expertise that they can also help the MCA with.

2021 has been a difficult year for all and so we are extremely grateful for support from new partners including Skytel.
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In 2019 we thank our sponsors for their contributions so far. Thanks to them and the work of Davaa, our coach, cricket is now spreading beyond Ulaanbaatar with the first few sessions held in Arkhangai, Bayankhongor, Darkhan, Khenti, Umungobi & Uvurkhangai. We look forward to hosting them in Ulaanbaatar for the finals of the National Youth Games in September.
We also thank our Friends in Melbourne for hosting Davaa for three weeks in January. It was his first time overseas and he learnt so much about cricket and the spirit of the game, and now teaches what he learnt to the kids. 
GREAT thanks to Khasvuu LLC for their very important support of cricket in Darkhan. 
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In 2018 we thanked our sponsors for enormous contributions. Thanks to them, we got enough kit and the Ground Development Programme was 90% complete. The international cricket community became aware of us and we worked with 13 schools and orphanages in Ulaanbaatar to bring cricket to Mongolia.
We thank in particular the Cutforth Family for choosing MCA as their Memorial Charity - we have a put put tractor, to Oyu Tolgoi LLC for their help building the Ger'vilion, to Cricket Australia Ambassador to Mongolia, Alex Blackwell (most capped Australian ladies player), to RT Machinery for donating a gang mower, to the Swannack, to Cricket Illawarra, Richard Hutton, and the Lords Taverners in Australia and the UK for sending us amazing kit and to DHL for helping us to bring it here! A big thank you to Goyo Travel, who have now supported us for the past three years running and to everyone that bought JERSEYS!
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2017 was the year when over 1,000 kids were introduced to cricket - at one point 300 were playing each week!
Thank you so much to everyone, in particular to the Australian Embassy in Mongolia, and the inimitable Robert Moran and Mike Borgas!
In 2016 with the help of many kind people, we raised USD 51,000 and built Mongolia's first ever cricket pitch. Thank you so much to everyone! Especially to Doug Graham and his grader.

Thank you to these fantastic people - without whom cricket would not be here

Kam Sue & Mader Gobi LLC, Mongol HD TV, the MCC Foundation, Goyo Travel, Helen Wright & the UB Post, BBC Wiltshire, David Polo & his ancestor’s diaries, Tim Wigmore, Andrew Miller & ESPN Cricinfo, Peter Ker, Bayarkhuu and Doug Scott and the cricketers of Melbourne, Chris & Leila Melville, MNB TV, Genghis Khan & his troop of actors, Miranda Marsh, Susie Caldecot, the Glebe Collective, Yorkshire FACC, Nathan Hsieh & his ballads, Simon Longworth, Richard Land,  Lamma Cricket Club, Peter Hingston, Tom Minter & the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, Enkhbileg Gonchig, Cricket Batnasan, Anthony Wilson, Golden Giving, Swannack cricket bats, Jane Greenwood and the British School of Ulaanbaatar, Marc Hawkins, Claire Lloyd, Batmunkh, Tushar Srivastava, Helen McCreary, Alistair Gordon, Emma Trenchard & her paintbrushes, Samudrajit Saikia, Ajay & The Indian Cricketers, Tuvshin Banzragch, David Greaves, Cameron McRae, Adam Hoque, See Ee Gan, Gradon Architecture, Munkhbayar Galbadrakh, Zoljargal Munkhuu, Adam Hoque, Nyambayar. S, James Carter, Sarajane Marchant, Daniel Lewis, Chris Rogers, Royce McCutcheon, Sukhbaatar and his grass, Dhan Wijilegend. Peter Goodman and Sue Rogers for advice on focii, Sophie Williams & Vice Sports, Olivia Kimble, Douglas Scott, Gantsog Ganbaatar, Alan Curr, Jo Smith, Nancy Yarbrough, Bruce Hayllar, Erdenebadrakh Batcereg, Mike Bennett, Doug Graham & NZM, Nathan Conoboy, John Langtry & the Australian Embassy, Connor Vinnicombe & Lotus Children’s Foundation, Andrew Woodley, GB Madawala, Micky Lloyd, Kim Hurd, Graham Taylor, David Sherratt, Rubish, Bruce Doig, Dennis Hosack, Mendbayar Avirmed, Solongo Bayarsaikhan, Terry Macnamara, Greg Field, HMA Catherine Arnold & the British Embassy, Josie Stoker, Anthony Willoughby and the Nomadic School of Business, John Grogan & the MBCC, Emily Spargo, Chris Wheatcroft, Bat Ochir, Catriona Gardiner, Alistair Monro, Brian Robinson, Jim Chapman, Ian McNeil, the National Park of Ulaanbaatar, Editor at the Financial Times, Tsolmon Naidandorj, 2nd year students from the University of Arts and Culture, Paul McClean & AFMM LLC, Jill & Tom Otley,  Charlie Freeman, Institute of Groundsmanship, Ganzorig Denjin, Bolorchuluun Batkhurel, Mark Rodoreda.

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