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LEARN to play cricket

Come and play - no experience is needed and it's free for kids and beginners!

Cricket is a bat and ball game that involves a lot of teamwork, individual performance and strategy and is the most popular game in the world after football. It can be played by men and women, boys and girls, from 8 to 88 years old!


In the winter we coach at schools during the week and have an open session on Saturday mornings. In the summer we are at the cricket ground a lot of the time and you're welcome to play the Mongolian Friendship Cricket Ground (MFCG) in the National Park of Ulaanbaatar. Summer or winter, if you want to get involved, just contact us by Facebook and we will organise the rest.

If you work for a school or company and would like to form a team and learn together, we can deliver a course specifically for you too!

BECOME a coach

Every great team needs a great coach. If you would like to become one, it's okay if you haven't played before - we can run "coach the coach" courses most of the time. All you need is a love of sport and an interest in learning cricket.

If you are very keen we might even ask you to join MCA and become a professional (paid) coach and help us working with the schools in the Cricket Outreach Programme.


The game is just starting in Mongolia, so if you start coaching now you will be in a great position - perhaps in a few years the coach of a Mongolian national team! We're not joking! 

FORM a cricket team

A team needs 11 players for outdoor cricket and 8 for indoor cricket, a coach and bit of practice. We welcome schools, children's centres, companies, pubs, embassies, government departments...anyone really! One of the team can take part in our "coach the coach" courses and we can get you some kit, so you can play and practice independently at the MFCG or in your local basketball court!

Form a team and take part in matches and tournaments - the outdoor season is from May to September and the indoor season from October to April.

If you don't have enough players to form a team but would like to join one, let us know and we will help.

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