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Cricket Coach Arrives from Australia

Ulaanbaatar. The first training session will be held by Mr Rob Moran, an Australian cricket coach, who arrived in Mongolia this week. The session is scheduled between 11AM and 1PM on Saturday 22 July on the Mongolian Friendship Cricket Ground, National Park of Ulaanbaatar.

Coach Moran is the most recent of many Australian volunteers who have come to Mongolia through Australian Volunteers for International Development program. He has been a passionate cricketer for 45 years and has been coaching for the past 25 years. The Mongolian Amateur Cricket Association (MACA) is the host organisation for Mr Moran, who aims to build capacity of the Association, develop cricket as a school sport in Mongolia as well as to train cricket coaches.

MACA has been playing a key role in developing cricket sport in Mongolia. In 2016, they successfully built the Mongolian Friendship Cricket Ground (the ground is located within a 10-min walk on the west bike track) in the National Park of Ulaanbaatar with support and donations from the Australian, British and Indian Embassies, local and international sponsors. Last month, the Association held its first international cricket match between an all-Mongolian team and Hong Kong ‘Craigengower” team.

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