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welcome to the wonderful world of cricket


is cricket?

Cricket - the king of sports and cousin of guidig matka - is a bat and ball team sport, full of strategy and respect that can be played by young & old, girls & boys, and able and disabled.


to play

No experience is needed and it's free for beginners! 

There are regular training sessions all through the year! Perhaps even form a team!


a coach

Every great team has a great coach and we can help train you up. All you need is a love of sport and teaching kids and if your really good we'll hire you! 



There is a great appetite for cricket in Mongolia and we have been asked to teach in many more schools.

Please help to train up two more coaches!

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The OT Ger'vilion
Mongol cricket talent
All ages welcome
The Batting Yak
Building the ground
Indoor competition
Indoor in the winter
Orphanage kids
our mission
our mission

The Mongolian Cricket Association (MCA) and its friends are all about building a socially inclusive community through cricket that helps the children of Mongolia. 

We believe that team sports have enormous individual and community benefits and that cricket is inclusive with respect to age, build, temperament, gender and ability.


We also believe it helps form lasting friendships

that lead to unknowable and unquantifiable opportunities.

Apart from introducing cricket, we aim to:

  • encourage uptake from difficult areas of Ulaanbaatar

  • encourage participation with no gender bias

  • have a positive effect at an individual and community level

  • be sustainable over the long term

  • be accessible to an ever-widening audience

We do this by:

  • developing facilities & sourcing kit

  • promoting indoor cricket in school gyms

  • providing coaching and "coach the coach" courses

  • encouraging teams to form and organising tournaments

  • linking sponsors with organisations that need them

  • spreading the Spirit of Cricket through fair play and fun

  • encouraging fair practice including Anti-Corruption and Anti-Doping (see here for prohibited substances)

We thank the many people and organisations that have helped with this grassroots cricket initiative.
Everyone is welcome at the Mongolian Friendship Cricket Ground

cricket in the National Park of Ulaanbaatar

and in school sports halls during the winter

help us

help us build our coaching team

We are looking for a group of sponsors to help us pay for a coaching team of three for the next three years. For this, USD 30,000 is needed each year.

This would mean that we could provide kit and regular coaching for about 750 kids each week, run ongoing leagues and tournaments, develop the grassroots, encourage elite cricketers to emerge and cricket to find its place in Mongolian life.

phase 0 - sow the seeds - 2007 to 2015

phase 1 - raise funds & build a ground – 2015/16

phase 2 – year round Cricket Outreach Programme starts in the schools of Ulaanbaatar – 2017/18

phase 3  - start helping cricket start outside Ulaanbaatar - 2019

phase 4 – train up coaches, hold tournaments & form leagues

phase 5 – compete with neighboring countries

In June 2019 the Cricket Outreach Programme finished the second year of its pilot programme. During this time MCA has: 

  • coached at 16 schools, orphanages and universities (1 in 2016)

  • 650 coaching sessions (average 6 sessions each week throughout the year)

  • class size averages 20

  • about 38% female participation

  • approximately 150 kids playing each week (15 in 2016)

  • over 1,500 kids introduced to cricket

  • one very tired coach!

The Schools Pilot Project shows that indoor cricket can be played at most schools without the need to build facilities and is inexpensive in terms of kit. The appetite of the kids shows that cricket could have a place in modern Mongolia, and that participation is limited only by coaching and funding capacity.

Davaa, our coach has been asked to coach at many more schools, both in UB and the provinces. In order to increase participation we need to train up one or two more coaches and for that we need help! 


We believe that with a coaching team of three, we could work with enough kids and PE teachers to enable cricket to grow organically towards its place in Mongolia life.

We have minimal state support and so are looking for long term (3 year) sponsors to help build the coaching team. We need about USD 30,000 per year in total split between a number of sponsors.


Please contact us at if you would like to help with this. 

Mongolian Friendship Cricket Ground

The finest cricket pitch for miles.

In 2021 we thank our sponsors for their contributions, both past and present which have enabled us to join the ICC and attain associate status this year. This is a massive achievement for all of us and soon we shall see Mongolian men and women competing against other nations in cricket. Membership of the ICC is also incredibly important for the support and expertise that they can also help the MCA with.

2021 has been a difficult year for all and so we are extremely grateful for support from new partners including Skytel.

The National T20 League of 2022 will be named "JMC T20 League" after our sponsor JMC Projects. We greatly appreciate JMC Projects for not only the sponsorship but also for helping our mission to develop cricket in Mongolia.

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